Sub-processor list

Updated 25.05.2020 12:00

In order for us to deliver, develop and ensure the continuity of our services, there are various data processing operations that need to be performed. Some operations have been outsourced to third parties because not all of the required processing can be carried out by our own staff or at our facilities. The table below provides information about the parties whose services we use in executing our customers' data processing. The table bellow includes information such as our sub-processors role and where are they located.

Subprocessor Resource/service provided Location of entity
Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited Cloud infrastructure (IaaS) - Azure Ireland
Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited E-mail service - Office365 Ireland
Microsoft Corporation Sign in service United States
Google, Inc. Sign in service United States
Facebook, Inc. Sign in service United States
PayLane Sp. z o.o. Online payment gateway Poland

In case you decide to use TeamBench all data processing operations relevant to that relationship have been delegated to Infranet development Ltd. (a company based in Croatia, with its processing operations also in Croatia), and Infranet development Ltd. Uses the services of one or more of the above Sub-processors to carry out certain or all of these operations.

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