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6 reasons why you should use time tracking software

Tihana Alfirević

Even though time tracking softwares have been around for quite some time now there is still stigma around it. Many of employees think that time tracking software is just a way of their employers controlling them. That is far from the truth, it is just a matter of using time tracking software for your benefit, whether you are employer of employee. Let us walk you through some of the key benefits of using time tracking software for you as an employee or the company you work for.

  1. Work on your productivity

When you track your time, you are able to see if you are on the right track to accomplishing your goals. With time tracking you can really get to see the whole picture of how productive you actually are. You will know how much time you are spending on each task and if you are running behind. When you find areas where productivity is lower than others, you can adjust how you spend your time and focus more on things you find challenging.

This also helps company as a whole. Whether you are a manager or a director time tracking software can help you discover inefficiencies, so you can make changes to better allocate your, your colleagues or employees time. This way it pushes you to prioritize tasks and it increases their ability to focus on task at hand.

  1. Better organization

Good organization skills are one of the most important things in being successful at what you do. Plan ahead, prioritize your work, make a to-do lists, spend your time efficiently. When you are planning to start a new task or a project, organize your time so that your focus is on things where you need to improve. Being aware of your flaws and work problems, and organizing your time to avoid them or work on them is a valuable part of time tracking.

When you have time tracking software, you are better able to understand everything that is going on and what needs to be worked on. It gives business owners a great overview of the entire business, how employees are spending their time, how fast the task and project are being done, where there is need for improvement and more. This is helpful when it comes to streamlining work, rearranging projects, assigning tasks, etc.

  1. Access to reports

Time tracking software gives you analytics which can then help you calculate the cost and value of your projects. It can help you identify problems that may affect your team performance and help you work on them. It can even show the effectiveness of your management style. Tracking time with TeamBench will serve you the relevant data on your or your team's time usage which in turn allows you to have better insight on how much time is invested in a certain project, client or even type of work.

  1. Better project management and project schedule

Sometimes you may set a project completion goal, only not to meet the deadline in the end. Even though inefficient work could be one of the factors, often it is just not having a realistic estimate of how long a job should take. Managers can better prioritize future projects, reorganize the team or even team capacity. Time tracking gives you an insight to how long it took your team to get tasks done in the past. Time tracking software such as TeamBench can help you set much more realistic project schedules, saving your team from feeling demotivated and your client from being frustrated.

  1. Reports as a tool of tracking progress

TeamBench allows you to export stored data of your work in a report. You can take a look at, for example, your weekly report. It gives you a list of your tasks and project and the time you spent on each of them. Analyze it, see what you are doing well and where you could do better. Small improvements to your workflow can have a big impact on your overall efficiency.

As an employer, asides from being in control of your business time tracking software can help you keep your relationship with your employees a good one. If you notice someone is struggling with certain type of task, find a way to help them and motivate them to do better. With objective goals, your employees have something specific to focus on, a target where they can view their progress. On the other hand, if you notice someone is consistently going above and beyond, performing above their targets, you may consider a bonus or a promotion.

  1. Accurate client billing

If your business is one that bills clients by the hour rather than by the project, using time tracking software will ensure that clients are charged the right amount. Clients are not always easy to deal with, especially, when you ask them to pay more than you’d previously agreed on. They would want to have some  when time tracking apps may come in really handy. For example TeamBench allows you to export all stored data with just a click of a button.

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