Strategies on how to improve your team’s dynamic

Tihana Alfirević

When the right teams come together, projects are more likely to get completed efficiently, within deadlines and with the desired outcomes. Especially during COVID-19 pandemic and working remotely it is important to have a good team that works well together, because it makes this challenging period easier. As a team leader lead by example, motivate your team to work together, encourage them to work together towards common goals.

Here are some strategies that can help you improve your team’s dynamic.

Get to know each team member

Every team member is important for the team in whole. It is important to know the impact that different individuals have on the team. That is why you should get to know every team member professionally even personally. Get familiar with each members’ strengths and weaknesses and see how each of them can affect teams’ performance. Talk to them on an individual basis in a private and confidential environment. While observing them as a team and as individuals note any unhelpful attitude and problems that attitude may cause. You way also encourage team members to get to know each other. The more they know each other the more comfortable they get as a team. They can bounce new creative ideas of each other, motivate each other and that may result in better communication, that is one of the key characteristics of a good team.

Assign clear roles and responsibilities

Each team member has a specific role in a team. When roles and responsibilities aren't clearly defined, employees may get confused and often overstep boundaries or feel the need to compete with rather than work with their teammates. This is why you should alleviate as much of the confusion as you can and prevent tension between team members. Every team member should know which task are theirs and what exactly their responsibilities are. Clear roles and responsibilities are key when it comes to making a good, motivated and efficient team. Make sure that everyone understands what you expect of them so they can be made accountable for their successes and failures.

Emphasize clear communication

It is essential that everyone is able to voice their opinion in an open environment. However, it is not rare for the stronger personalities to dominate discussions. It could be resolved by giving somebody the role of ‘Chair’ in meetings so that the person makes sure everybody gets their say. It is important you create an awareness within the team for everyone to contribute ideas in a collaborative environment. This you can achieve by insisting on a regular communication. It can be weekly meetings, even daily meeting, depending on the need, daily chats via group messaging systems, etc. Also it is important that you as a leader have a clear and open communication with your team. Going back to the paragraph above, it’s important to clearly communicate what are your teams task and what is an overall goal of a work they are doing. Communicating the goals of your team essential to strengthening team dynamics. When team members have common aims to work toward, they are more likely to focus on achieving them together.

Deal with problems immediately

Just as the success of one team member can affect the whole team, the negative behavior does as well. It is important to be attentive about your team and about what problems they have, so they can be dealt with quickly. If an individual is in any way causing a problem, try to get to the heart of the problem and why are they doing that. Help them deal with the problem and bring to their attention how this behavior effects the rest of the team. At the same time reward good behaviors among the team, such as collaboration, helping, knowledge-sharing, through positive feedback. This can encourage your team to deal with problems immediately and strengthen their team dynamics.

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