Most common workplace conflicts

Tihana Alfirević

Conflicts are part of everyone’s day-to-day life. The idea is to learn to avoid them but when they happen, it is important to learn how to resolve and manage them in an effective manner. Especially in a workplace, working in a team can be quite challenging. However learning to manage conflicts is to find appropriate tools of resolution to stop conflict from rising to major problems.

The most common kinds of workplace conflicts found in organizations are:

Leadership Conflict

All leaders are different, with different approaches. It is quite common that, for example, teams are struggling to adjust to a new manager. Any change can be challenging. If a new manager is more direct and by the book, it can take time for a team to adjust. It can take time to adjust even to a manager that is more laid back in their approach. This is rather common for a change in a company’s leadership to have some hiccups in adjusting to it amongst the employees. It is however important to learn how to manage to heighten defensiveness, distrust, and alienation from managers perspective and employees' perspectives as well.

Interdependencyb ased Conflict  

Team members bounce off each other while working and are often dependent on each other. It can be frustrating if a team member always delivers their work late and holds up another person. It can cause blame-shifting to occur. If the teamwork is not up to par it can cause tension among the team.

Personality Clashes

Not all personalities are compatible to one another. Different personalities all working together makes miscommunication likely cause of issues and conflicts. If the issues are not communicated appropriately resentment between colleagues can build stronger and conflict is bound to happen. When there are negative feelings not being communicated they tend to build up and can affect one’s actions and judgment can affect relationships between team members.

Work Style Differences

Everyone has their unique style of working. For example, some may like working in a group, others find themselves work the best when alone. For both employees and their managers, it is important to respect everyone’s work style and find ways for all different working styles to complement each other or at least find a way to make things work. This is very important when onboarding new employees.

Idea Conflict

When working everyone has the same and that is to be happy at work and fulfill objectives that keep their career and organization thriving. However, this passion can be a cause friction within the employees, different teams, and even the leaders. Not everyone has the same idea on how to achieve the goals and the objectives they set for themselves. It is, however, important to hear everyone out and find a common way of achieving the set goals.

Unclear Job Expectations

A new job position comes with new responsibilities. Those responsibilities can sometimes be hard to understand or unclear to a new employee. Every position has a learning curve that plays a big role in the future success of the employee if met with good training and mentoring. It is unlikely for team members to become top performers without training and coaching.


What is conflict management?

Conflict management is the techniques and practices a good team leader follows to handle conflicts among staff members or between employees and the management. However, it is important for everyone in a company to find effective ways to deal with conflicts.

Dealing with conflicts in a proactive manner in order to create a more positive, rewarding, and supportive work environment should be a key element of everyone’s company culture. Learning how to deal with conflict resolution effectively leads to a much happier work life.

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