7 easy ways to become a great coworker

Tihana Alfirević

Being a great coworker can make a big difference for everyone in your workplace. We spend significant amount of time at work, that is why establishing and fostering relationships with your colleagues should be something you strive towards. Sense of camaraderie you nurture with your coworkers can make you more productive and improve your teamwork.


Good office etiquette

Good manners and etiquette are something we as people should work on and strive not only in our private life but at our work life as well. There are some simple things you can put in the everyday practice that will make you considerate as a coworker.

Don't distract any of your coworkers with loud phone calls either personal ones on your cell phone or job-related calls. Keep your voice down, act in a calm manner, and don’t let your phone call distract people from their work.

Being mindful of your colleagues while making a phone call is a sign of a good etiquette as well as having proper table manners. For example, chew with your mouth closed, refrain from criticizing other people’s food and beware of your hygiene.  


Get to know your colleagues

There is a saying - teamwork makes a dream work. Nurturing good work relationships can help you and your coworkers improve your teamwork and collaboration skills. Try and get to know your colleagues' through work as well as on your lunch breaks and even in an off-work environment.


Practice active listening

People like feeling that what they say is important and valuable. By practicing active listening, you can show your coworkers that you understand are respect them. Show them you are listening to them by nodding and making eye contact as they speak to you. Make sure you asking important follow-up questions to try to keep the conversation going.

Express appreciation

Make an effort to give credit where credit is due. This can either mean verbal recognition in a company meeting or something as simple as a thoughtful email. When people feel appreciated you can foster your relationship and great teamwork can come out of it.


Find a way to get along with everyone

The fact is you can't choose your coworkers. Some of your coworkers you are going to like, some of them you won’t. By getting along with everyone you can make your work life much more pleasant and even the colleagues you don’t get along with can see your effort and reciprocate it.


Reach out to new teammates

A new job can be really scary especially the first few days. Make an effort to help new teammates get situated during their first few days. even if it's just through little considerations like welcoming questions or giving them the low-down on where to grab lunch. Give them tips and tricks you learned over time. Tracking time with TeamBench will serve you the relevant data on your or your time usage which in turn allows you to have better insight on how much time is invested in a certain project, client, or even type of work. With that insight, your new coworker learns how to manage their time effectively and with that knowledge can rearrange their time accordingly. 


Be respectful of people's time

When talking about time – there’s never enough time in a day to do everything we want. Be aware that few minutes here and few minutes there can add up during the day and can take a significant chunk of someone’s time. Try sharing your schedule so that you can find a good time for both of you. Being late and taking up too much time by not being direct and focused on what you want to talk about can take too much of someone’s time which can then make you seem rood even when that is not your intention. To show respect of other people’s work make an effort to show up on time, and come prepared.

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