Recruitment and selection of new employees

Tihana Alfirević

Recruitment and selection are an important operation in Human Resources Management, designed to find new employees in order to meet the employer's strategic goals and objectives. It is a process of sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and selecting the right candidates for the specific vacant positions. Even though both recruitment and selection are processes of finding candidates for a certain job position they are quite different and it is important to know the difference between the two processes. Both are usually performed by HR managers but there are different steps you need to take in each to do them successfully. Let us tell you the difference between the two.



Recruitment is a process of identifying, screening, and shortlisting potential candidates for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It is a long process that involves a series of tasks, starting with an analysis of the job requirements. Recruitment activities are typically performed by Human Resource managers. Recruitment can be done either internally or externally. Internal recruitment sources are promotion, transfers, contact or references, ex-employees, retired employees, etc. External recruitment sources are recruitment through advertisement, recruitment by third parties, unsolicited applicants, etc.

Specific tasks involved in the process of recruitment include:

  • Analyzing job requirements
  • Advertising the vacancy
  • Attracting candidates to apply for the job
  • Managing response
  • Scrutinizing applications
  • Shortlisting candidates



Selection is the process of picking the right candidate, who is most suitable for a vacant job position in an organization. In other words, selection can also be explained as the process of interviewing the candidates and evaluating their qualities and then choosing a suitable candidate for the position. The selection process is a time-consuming step in an employee’s hiring experience. HR managers must carefully identify the qualification of every candidate for the position. Selection is the process in which various strategies are employed to help recruiters decide which applicant is best suited for the job.

Some activities include:

  • Screening
  • Eliminating unsuitable candidates
  • Conducting an examination (intelligence test, performance test, personality test, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Checking references


Key Differences

The process of recruitment involves the development of suitable techniques for attracting more candidates to a position vacancy, on the other hand, the process of selection involves identifying the most suitable candidate for the vacancy. Recruitment precedes the selection process, and the selection process is only completed when a job offer is created and given to the selected candidate.

Recruitment is the process of finding candidates for the vacant position and encouraging them to apply for it. Selection means choosing the best candidate from the pool of applicants and offering them the job. Recruitment is a positive process aimed at attracting more and more job seekers to apply. Selection is a negative process, rejecting unfit candidates from the list. Of the two, recruitment is relatively simpler. Recruitment has the recruiter paying less attention to scrutinizing individual candidates, whereas selection involves a more thorough examination of candidates where recruiters aim to learn every minute detail about each candidate, so they can choose the perfect match for the job. Recruitment is less time-consuming and less economically demanding, as it only involves identifying the needs of the job and encouraging candidates to apply for them. Selection involves a wide range of activities, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. In recruitment, communication of vacancy is done so through various sources such as the internet, newspaper, magazines, etc., and distributes forms easily so candidates can apply. During the selection process, assessment is done so through various evaluation stages, such as form submission, written exams, interviews, etc.


Making a job offer

Making a job offer is the final stage of the recruitment and selection process but it is by no means an easy one to do. Once a candidate is selected, they will be issued an offer letter, which describes the designation, role, responsibilities, salary, benefits, etc. Making an offer is a crucial part of recruitment and selection because it is a demanding process until the candidate joins the company.

But after the job offer is made and the job applicant agrees with it you have a new employee!

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