How to get better at writing

Ivan Kolarić

Whether you are writing a blog post, a lengthy business email, or a bunch of ad copy you already know that writing is not as easy as it may seem. The only way to get better at what you do it is to practice as much as possible. We have prepared tips that will help you in developing your writing skills.


  1. You should write every day

When you first start doing something, be it writing or trying to stick to an eating regime, you will ride a wave of motivation that will help you get through the day with ease. After a couple of weeks, you might notice that the motivation you have is slowly wearing off and that you are skipping practice and that your consistency is gone. Make sure that you write every day, and I mean every day! Even if you have only a couple of minutes to spare, write a single paragraph. Being consistent is essential for your development as a writer.


  1. You should read every day

Make sure you read your favorite blogs and articles, take note of what you like in them, and try to replicate that. You should also take note of the things you do not like and avoid them in your own writing process.


  1. Excercise!

Excercise, at least for most of us, represents only physical benefits. Social scientists have gathered evidence that suggests that the immediate benefit of exercise is its impact on the way we think.

Exercise will:

  • Improve your concentration
  • Sharpen your memory
  • Lower your stress
  • Prolong your mental stamina

During exercise, ideas seem to just pop up in our heads, take note of those ideas.


  1. You should develop a routine

When you have a routine to follow, it will reduce the need to make decisions each day. It will enable you to know what tasks you need to do each day and eliminate the need for contemplation.

Try to write at the same time and out of the same place. Whether you write at the office, your home office, or your favorite coffee shop enjoying your favorite drink.




  1. You should not write and edit at the same time

Getting all the stuff out of your head should be your priority, there is no need to make the process harder by editing at the same time. Make a routine out of it:

  1. Write in the afternoon
  2. In the morning, edit what you wrote the prior afternoon
  3. Continue writing in the afternoon


  1. Learn to stop

If you have been writing for hours and it starts to get tough trying to get your ideas on paper – stop. Forcing yourself to write will be unproductive.


  1. Re-Work your work

Understand that getting things right away is nearly impossible.

Make sure you revisit your work from time to time and learn from your own mistakes.



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